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About vPermit Virtual Permits.

The Virtual Permit (vPermit) system allows you to apply for and manage your University of Wollongong (UOW) parking permit online. vPermits are replacing paper and sticker-based parking permits.  They are:

    •         simple to use
    •         virtual
    •         self service

vPermit eligibility


The following types of permits can be applied for by students (eligibility conditions apply):

       o   Motorcycle permits (all students can apply)

       o   HDR permits (restricted access via a ballot)

       o   Student accommodation resident permits – (restricted access via a ballot)

UOW Entry Permits are only available to staff and not students. The following groups of people are eligible for a UOW Entry vPermit:

   o    UOW, UOW Pulse, UOW Global Enterprises (GE) and UOW College staff employed on a fixed term or continuing/permanent basis. 

       o   Casual UOW, UOW Pulse, UOW GE and UOW College employees who are not also students, where rostered employment is anticipated to be more than 20 hours per week (a letter confirming a commitment of hours may be required).

UOW Entry Permits are not able to be issued to students, iC commercial tenants, or casuals employed by UOW Pulse tenants.  

UOW Pulse retail tenants are eligible to access contractor permits, but limitations apply. Tenants may apply for two contractor or UOW Entry permits per tenancy.


UOW Entry permits do not guarantee a parking space. Only one permit may be issued per applicant, with only one active license plate per parking session.

It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle license plate number you have selected as ‘ACTIVE’ in vPermit matches the vehicle you are parking on campus that day for your permit to be valid.  Your vehicle license plate may be checked by UOW Security.

vPermits can be paid:

    • online using a credit or VISA debit card
    • via payroll deduction for eligible UOW staff

For more information, please visit

This system is hosted by CellOPark Australia on behalf of the University of Wollongong (UOW). Refer to CellOPark’s privacy statement.

Casual parking

An alternative to vPermit is the CellOPark-as-you-go (PAYG) system.  The PAYG system enables users to pay only for the time they park.  This option is available to students, visitors and anyone not eligible for a vPermit. After completing a one-time registration, users can start and stop their parking using the CellOPark app or by calling 02 8599 9747 from their mobile phone.  Visit to register or download the app.