About vPermit

The Virtual Permit (vPermit) system allows you to apply for and manage your parking permit online.

vPermit is an easy alternative to traditional parking permits and pay & display ticket machines. It is:

  • simple to use
  • virtual
  • self service

Your vPermit can be paid online using either a credit / debit card or staff can elect to pay via salary sacrifice. The system is also open to those living on campus, contractors and retail tenants.

Casual parking

An alternative to vPermit is the CellOPark Pay As You Go (PAYG) system which enables you to pay for casual parking. This is available to the whole Monash University community and to visitors.

You need to complete a one-time registration - then you can start and stop your parking using the CellOPark App, by calling 9111 1799 from your mobile or visiting your online account.

Visit www.cellopark.com.au to register or download the app.