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Conditions for parking.

Please read the information below about using vPermit and/or parking at ANU.

Conditions for Parking at Australian National University

The ANU Parking Conditions are issued under the ANU Parking and Traffic Statute 2019. In accordance with the Australian National University Act 1991, the Parking and Traffic Statute 2019 enacts supplementary legislation for the regulation and control of traffic and parking on ANU campus/es. The Parking and Traffic Statute should be read in conjunction with Australian Capital Territory road transport legislation which applies within the ANU.

  • Drivers must observe any traffic and parking control signs at the entrance to or within ANU land and must comply with directions given by any ANU parking or security officer.

  • A parking fee applies to vehicles parked on ANU land at all times during the paid parking hours. If a driver brings a vehicle onto ANU land and wishes to park, the driver agrees to pay the parking fee as advertised on any parking control sign or on the ANU website.

  • Drivers may pay a parking fee by:

            i.    using a pay & display ticket vending machine - where indicated by a parking control sign; or

            ii.   by paying online using the vPermit system; or 

            iii.  by paying using the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)/CellOPark App.

    Both the online parking system and  Pay-As-You-Go App are supported by CellOPark Pty Ltd on behalf of the ANU.

  • In the case of a vPermit drivers, are permitted only to apply for and hold permits they are eligible for. For eligibility requirements please refer to:

  • In the case of a vPermit, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they have registered online and have either paid the relevant parking fees or chosen to pay for the relevant parking fees to be paid via scheduled payment i.e. payroll deduction.

  • In the case of a vPermit, permits are not valid until payment has been received and a receipt number entered in vPermit.

  • The purchase of a parking permit (including this vPermit) gives a driver permission to park in ANU designated parking areas however it does not guarantee a parking space.

  • In the case of a vPermit, vPermits are not to be sold, transferred or shared between drivers.

  • Parking station permit holders may not allow others to park in their parking station without written permission from the parking office. 

  • In the case of a vPermit, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure their vPermit account details are correct (eg. vehicle registration number, address, mobile number). Do not allow your information to be auto-populated by your computer.

  • In the case of a vPermit, drivers are able to register up to three vehicles to their permit for use when parking on campus. At any given time only one of these three vehicles will be recognised as the 'active' vehicle and only the active vehicle will be authorised to park on campus.

  • In the case of a vPermit, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they have selected the correct 'active' vehicle that is parked on campus. If a driver does not set the correct active vehicle when parking on campus, their permit is not valid and they may receive an infringement notice.

  • The minimum period a vPermit may be purchased for is 90 days (payroll deduction permit holders excepted - see next paragraph).

  • vPermits issued to eligible staff members may be paid for by payroll deduction and the deduction will continue until the permit is cancelled by the permit holder. It should be noted the payroll deduction amount may change on 1 January each year.

  • vPermits paid for by payroll deduction are paid in arrears and no refund will be made. 

  • Casual staff members are not able to pay for their vPermit by payroll deductions.

  • If a vPermit has been cancelled a new vPermit cannot be purchased within two weeks of the cancellation unless approved by the Parking office.

  • ANU reserves the right to cancel a driver's parking permit or permission to park on ANU land if circumstances require.

  • All vehicles must be parked in marked bays (where appropriate). Contravention may attract a parking infringement notice (PIN). All ANU campuses have been gazetted and sign posted in accordance with the requirements of the ACT road transport legislation.

  • A copy of the ANU Parking & Traffic Statute can be accessed at

  • For further information regarding parking at the ANU please go to

  • A map of parking zones on camp may be accessed at

  • Please be aware that parking zones are subject to change and may vary from the online map you may find on ANU website. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are legally parked before leaving their vehicle.

  • While the ANU takes care in providing parking and parking facilities on its land, it accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any theft from or of, or loss or damage to, a vehicle entering or parking on ANU land. Drivers enter and park at the ANU at their own risk.

  • Drivers parking on campus who choose to place a car cover on their vehicle do so with the understanding that Security Officers may remove the cover to determine the registration number of the vehicle and place an infringement notice on the vehicle if appropriate.

  • Drivers parking on campus for extended periods of time (residents) are required to check their vehicle on a weekly basis to ensure an infringement notice has not been placed on the vehicle.

  • Drivers may not leave their vehicle on campus during extended absences e.g. during semester break, sabbatical etc.

  • Trailers should not be parked on campus without prior written approval from the parking office (loading zones excepted)

  • Vehicles believed to have been abandoned on campus may be removed and disposed of at auction or destroyed in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act.

  • The ANU reserves the right to declare by notice that parking restrictions, or parking restrictions of a particular kind do not apply for a period and for a particular place on ANU land.

  • Drivers parking on campus do so at their own risk & personal belongings should be removed from vehicles before leaving the vehicle unattended.

  • The University issues parking infringement notices under the ANU Act and ANU Parking and Traffic Statute. When an infringement notice remains unpaid and is not appealed, a request is sent to the relevant State/Territory authority to determine the registered owner of the vehicle. The Privacy Act allows the University to request this information in respect of matters of law enforcement namely parking infringements.

  • If the infringement notice remains unpaid after 28 days, is not withdrawn and neither an infringement notice declaration notice, written request disputing liability, application for withdrawal nor written request for extension of time in respect to any of the above is received an administration fee will be added to the original penalty to cover the cost of issuing the reminder notice.

  • Permission to park on ANU land is not a condition of enrolment or employment.

Drivers acknowledge and agree that parking and driving on ANU land is managed under the ANU Parking and Traffic Statute 2019.