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About Virtual Permits at ANU.

ANU vPermit allows the motorist to apply for and manage their parking permit online.

ANU vPermit is an easy alternative to traditional parking permits or pay & display ticket machines. It is:

  • simple to use
  • virtual
  • largely self service

vPermits allow users to register and manage their parking permit account online and is open to ANU staff and students (eligibility conditions apply), vPermits will be available for a minimum of three months.

ANU vPermits can be paid online using credit or debit card or in person at the Parking Office using credit card, EFTPOS, cash or cheque. Eligible staff can nominate payment via payroll deduction.

An alternative to ANU vPermit is the CellOPark Pay as You Go system. This enables users to only pay for the time they park on campus. Open to staff, students and visitors, users complete a one-time registration and then can start and stop their parking using the CellOPark App or by making a call from their mobile phone. Visit to register.

For further information on parking at the ANU visit