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Terms and Conditions.

Please read the information below about using vPermit and/or parking at the parking operator premises.


  • Parking is in accordance with the UNSW Parking Rules.

  • UNSW reserves the right to cancel a driver’s parking permit in accordance with the UNSW Parking Rules.

  • The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

Pay as you go (PAYG) Parking Permits

  • PAYG Permits are available for all UNSW Permit Holder Bays across all University Campuses.

  • PAYG permits must be applied and paid for through a CellOPark account.

  • Staff and students must provide a valid zID to be eligible for PAYG parking permits. If a valid zID is not provided, the driver will be issued with a casual parking permit and the relevant casual parking rates will be charged. The driver will not be eligible for a refund in the event they later provide a valid zID.

  • PAYG permits are valid from the time a session is started through the CellOPark app. Failure to start a session will result in no permit being issued and may result in a parking infringement.

  • It is the driver’s responsibility to select the ‘active’ vehicle parked on campus in the CellOPark app. Failure to have the correct vehicle active will result in the correct vehicle not being issued with a permit and may result in a parking infringement.

  • PAYG permits will be charged to the credit/debit/prepaid card associated with your CellOPark account at the end of each billing cycle. The CellOPark billing cycle concludes on the 24th of each month.

  • Payment against your card will be processed by CellOPark on the 25th or 26th of each month for the parking on campus in the previous month.

  • The management of vehicles is through the driver’s CellOPark account and not the vPermit system.

  • Approved refunds will be processed by CellOPark on the 25th or 26th of each month for fee incurred in the previous month. Requests for parking refunds must be approved by UNSW. Refunds will not be provided for the incorrect use of location codes.

Annual Permits

  • Annual Permits must be applied for online through the vPermit system.

  • Annual permits are valid for the calendar in which they are purchased.

  • Multiple vehicle registration numbers can be entered into the vPermit system, but it is the driver’s responsibility to select the ‘active’ vehicle which is parked on campus in the vPermit system.

  • Where a permit is purchased using either a credit or debit card, and the permit is no longer required, the permit holder should cancel the permit in the vPermit system and the refund request will be reviewed by the Security & Parking Team for processing. The refund amount is calculated from the date on which the permit is cancelled and will be shown on the cancelled permit information in the vPermit system, less a $25 administration fee.

  • If a refund is not requested when an annual permit is cancelled, the credit balance will remain on the permit and can be used if the permit is reactivated later.

The following applies only to UNSW Staff

Salary Packaging eligibility and registration

  • Only staff who are continuing or fixed term are eligible to apply to salary package their parking. Please read the UNSW Salary Sacrificing Policy to check your eligibility.

  • Staff are required to register for salary packaging parking via the vPermit system.

  • The staff member must have sufficient earnings at the time of processing the salary packaging arrangement.

  • At the time of applying the salary packaged parking arrangement, if the staff member has terminated, moved to an unpaid leave arrangement, or changed employment classifications that excludes salary packaging, UNSW will not be able to complete the salary packaging arrangement.

  • There will be no administrative fee charged when a staff member elects to salary package their parking.

  • PAYG permits are not eligible for salary sacrifice.

I confirm I have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions listed above.