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Privacy Statement

Please read the information below about using vPermit.

CellOPark hosts the vPermit system on behalf of Mosman Council. All of the information collected on behalf of Mosman Council in the vPermit system will be stored within Australia by CellOPark. Any personal information you enter into the vPermit system will be subject to the vPermit Privacy Policy:

For further information on how Mosman Council collects; handles and stores personal information, please refer to Council’s Privacy Management Plan :

When you register for a vPermit you may be asked to submit personal information including, but not limited to:

  • your email;

  • your first name;

  • your middle name;

  • your last name;

  • your date of birth;

  • your address;

  • your telephone number;

  • your rates assessment number;

  • your licence plate(s); and

  • your driver’s licence number

After you enter your registration details, the vPermit system will send you a confirmation email and you will be asked to click on a link to complete your registration. Any personal information you submit to the vPermit system will be used to process your registration by Mosman Council. Mosman Council may contact you if there are any issues with this registration. If you decide not to provide your personal information to process your vPermit registration, you will not be able to obtain a vPermit under Mosman Council's online parking permit system.