Terms and Conditions.

La Trobe University Terms and Conditions for the provision of a vPermit for parking

I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions to the purchase of car parking permit at La Trobe University:

  • I understand that parking at the University is subject to the Road Safety Act 1986 and its regulations. I
    understand that it is an offence to park a vehicle other than in a marked bay within a car park and that
    cars parked on the side of roads with double white lines or a continuous yellow line will incur a fine;

  • All vehicles parked on campus at any time during Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm must have a current,
    active parking permit or pay for parking using another approved method;

  • drivers may pay a parking fee by: paying online using the vPermit system; or by paying online using
    the CellOPark app or the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) parking system where indicated by a parking control sign. Both online parking systems are managed by CellOPark Pty Ltd on behalf of the University;

  • in the case of a vPermit or PAYG, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they have registered online
    and have either organised the relevant parking fees to be paid or have paid the relevant parking fee (as the case may be);

  • Except for reserve parking, the University gives no undertaking that a parking space will be available in
    any particular area or zone;

  • The University is not responsible for any theft from or damage to the vehicle when driven within the
    boundaries of the University, including but not limited to, damage from falling trees/branches. Drivers
    enter and park at their own risk;

  • the University reserves the right to cancel a driver’s parking permit or permission to park at the
    University if circumstances require;

  • Permits are strictly non-refundable; and

  • permission to park at the University is not a condition of enrolment or employment.

I acknowledge and agree to the following if I elect to pay for my parking permit using Salary Sacrifice:

  • I am requesting the University to make payments for costs associated with a University parking permit.

  • I am an employee of La Trobe University.

  • I have read and understand the Salary Packaging HR Standard and agree to comply with any
    Agreement made relating to Salary Sacrifice.

  • I understand that I am advised to seek independent financial advice and that the University accepts no
    liability if I fail to seek financial advice or for any financial and taxation advice I receive.

  • I acknowledge that any pre-tax deduction I request will not be backdated, and that benefits subject to
    FBT (e.g., vehicles) will have the grossed up value reported on my payment summary.

  • I hereby request the University to consider decreasing my gross salary to provide the following benefit(s)
    through deductions from my gross salary on a fortnightly basis.

  • I further acknowledge that, upon my termination with the University, any monies owing as a result of my
    salary packaging arrangement will be recovered by the University. By accepting this agreement, I
    authorise the University to deduct any monies owing from my final payment or, if my final payment will
    not cover the reimbursement, I agree to reimburse the balance owing within 14 days of the termination date.

  • I hereby authorise the University and the University agrees to provide the benefits in lieu of Gross Salary
    as specified in this Agreement.

  • I confirm the University and I entered into a contract of employment on or before the date of this Agreement.

  • I acknowledge that should I cease employment at the University and money is owed to the University as
    a result of any salary packaging arrangement, I authorise the University to deduct any monies owing in
    respect of the salary packaging arrangement.

  • I am aware that if the expense is subject to FBT, the grossed up taxable value will be added to my
    taxable income.

  • I agree to comply with all GST requirements as part of this salary packaging arrangement. I also agree
    to cover all GST related costs through salary packaging arrangements offered by the University in the
    event that GST becomes payable.

  • I will notify Payroll immediately of any leave without pay or my resignation from the University so that
    arrangements can be made to stop the payment of any expenses I am having salary sacrificed.

  • I am aware that by purchasing a parking permit via salary deduction, I will be charged in fortnightly
    instalments and will be charged for the entire fortnight regardless of the actual number of days that the
    parking permit was used within the period.