Terms and Conditions.

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Car parking terms and conditions

The Parking operator Terms and Conditions are issued under the relevant legislation.

 While parking on the Parking operator premises, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • drivers must observe any traffic and parking control signs at the entrance to or within the Parking operator land and must comply with directions given by any Parking operator staff or security officer;

  • a parking fee applies to vehicles parked on Parking operator land at all times during the paid parking hours.  If a driver brings a vehicle onto the Parking operator land and wishes to park, the driver agrees to pay the parking fee as advertised on any parking control sign;

  • in the case of a vPermit, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they have registered online and have either organized the relevant parking fees to be paid or have paid the relevant parking fee (as the case may be);

  • in the case of a vPermit, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they have selected the 'active' vehicle which is parked on campus;

  • the purchase of a parking permit (including this vPermit) gives a driver permission to park at JCU - it does not guarantee a parking space;

  • all vehicles must be parked in marked bays.  Contravention will attract a parking infringement notice (PIN).

  • JCU reserves the right to cancel a driver's parking permit or permission to park on Parking operator land if circumstances require;

  • permission to park at JCU is not a condition of enrolment or employment;

  • while JCU takes care in providing parking and parking facilities on its land, it accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any theft from or of, or loss or damage to, a vehicle entering or parking on Parking operator land.  Drivers enter and park at the Parking operator at their own risk;

  • JCU reserves the right to declare by notice that parking restrictions, or parking restrictions of a particular kind to not apply for a period and for a particular place on JCU; and

  • drivers acknowledge and agree that parking and driving on JCU land is managed under JCU Parking and Traffic by-laws in accordance with the relevant legislation.  Drivers agree at all times to comply with all road and transport regulations and the JCU Parking Terms and Conditions.