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Online parking permit management.

Deakin University has taken Smart Parking to the next level. No need for stickers, papers and hassle. Your car registration plate is all you need.

Getting started:

  1. Register
    If you have previously had a vPermit, please click on Login (top right corner) as you do not need to re-register.
    If you have not previously had a vPermit, please get your car registration information and register here
  2. Apply
    Once registered, you can apply for a vPermit.
    Please ensure you enter vehicle registrations correctly – standard Victorian registration plates are in the format of ABC123 or 1AB2CD.
    Multiple vehicle registrations can be listed but only one vehicle can be active/valid at any time. When you bring a different vehicle to campus, you must change the active vehicle on your vPermit.
    You can do this via this website or by using the vPermit app.
  3. Park
    Once you have received confirmation your vPermit is active, you are ready to park.